Upcoming Course on the Ngöndro or Preliminary Practices of the Yuthok Nyingthig

Hi, friends! A small announcement to let you know that from this coming Tuesday (May 11th 2021), I will be guiding a ten-week long word-by-word study group relating to the ngöndro or preliminary practices of the Yuthok Nyingthig tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, the unique set of Highest Yoga Tantra teachings from Tibet especially connected with Tibetan medicine and the Medicine Buddha. In each class, we will investigate the rich meanings, wider contexts, and nuances of each word of the various prayers involved in these practices, to enrich our understanding and practice of these beautiful and transformative meditative, devotional procedures.

The class is open to all individuals interested in the Yuthok Nyingthig whether or not they have already engaged in ngöndro practices. For students entirely new to the Yuthok Nyingthig, I recommend checking out the recorded version of the recently completed 100-day ‘Yuthok’s Heart Teachings’ course, which offers a fully comprehensive overview of the practice of the Yuthok Nyingthig tradition, complete with Dharma teachings, transmissions, and guided practice. The class was the the first time in history that all the main practices of the entire Yuthok Nyingthig tradition have been taught in a single training programme in this fashion and the course also contains hundreds of pages of additional notes and translations of previously untranslated material that I prepared for students.

All sessions of my upcoming ngöndro course will be recorded for later review and attendance in live classes is not mandatory. The cost for the course (and other Sowa Rigpa Institute courses) is a suggested donation – discounts, scholarship and work-study options are available depending on students’ circumstances and you are welcome to email us with any queries or for further information!

Here is the link and description for the class. Hope to see some of you there!