Interview with Gordon White on Rune Soup

I realized that I forgot to post a link to the interview I did with Gordon White for his Rune Soup podcast a few months ago here on the blog. Gordon and I had some trouble finding a strong enough internet connection when I was in South Africa to do the interview and I eventually ended up having to sneak into an empty lecture theatre late at night at the University of Cape Town with the help of an old friend and plug my laptop into a stray Ethernet cable to get good enough wifi to proceed (my thanks to said friend for the help and for getting a bemused pizza guy to show up at one point halfway through the interview).

As usual, I can’t bring myself to listen to my own recorded voice for that long so I have not listened to the final product and therefore hope it is not total rubbish. I’m afraid it’s not as juicy as some of Gordon’s other chats – I felt like I could have spoken about much meatier things and we didn’t really talk that much about my current research in any kind of descriptive detail but I hope some of you will still find some points of interest. I would have liked to have discussed more technical details about occultism, Vajrayana, and magic, but we ended up focusing more on introducing anthropology to general listeners.

Heaps of thanks to Gordon for having me!