Heroic Tibetan Man-buns on Ngakpa Update

David Chapman who runs the Ngakpa Update site asked to share my earlier post about Justin Bieber, dreadlocks and Tibetan tantric practitioners on his blog. The post includes a translated excerpt from an extensive Tibetan language essay by Dr Nida Chenagtsang, which offers comprehensive and clear details about Tibetan tantric specialists’ traditional styles of dress.

David collects a lot of really useful news and links connected to ngakpa practices and lineages on the page, and earlier did me the honour of including a profile on me and my work, and a link to two of my Savage Minds essays. David is connected with the Aro Ter lineage, and has on a separate site provided many thoughtful and well-researched reflections on his experiences and some of the controversies and confusions surrounding this fairly unique and contentious Vajrayana lineage. David’s posts across his blogs are eloquent and thought-provoking, I highly recommend checking them out. He is also quite active on Twitter through the handle @Meaningness.


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