Fly-by Fungus and Yetis in Space


Today, is the Pluto fly by. I made this post on Facebook and it seemed like an important enough PSA to re-post here.

“You have all been posting nice pictures of Pluto with whimsical captions and I appreciate that, I do, but let’s not forget how in 1931 as described in H.P. Lovecraft’s short horror story ‘The Whisperer in the Darkness’ a man from Vermont in the prime of his life had his mind taken away in a brain cylinder to the true Pluto (Yuggoth) by winged crab-like fungoid aliens which Lovecraft called migö མི་རྒོད – a Tibetan word he’d read about meaning ‘wild man’ or yeti. So, in other words, do have some respect and remember that in the very same year that Disney made Pluto synonymous with its own weird horror – an inane yellow dog disturbingly oblivious to the fact that all of his friends except him wear pants and are humanoids – that dark outer planet had another ambassador, namely a fungus crab yeti Alien-Goat-God-worshipping kidnapper space surgeon one. Thanks.”



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