Tween Tarot, and Announcing a New Card Reading Services Website


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(The author of this blog, probably age 11, divining for a client at an outdoor flea-market in South Africa in the late 90s. Clock the middle parting and regrettable dream-catcher necklace – a gift from a friend, honest!)

Readers of this blog who have listened to some of the interviews I have done will know that in addition to my work as a cultural anthropologist I have spent over two decades working as a diviner for clients as well.

I began reading Tarot cards for querents (an old-fashioned word for divination clients) in South Africa when I was about ten years old. My family was not really spiritually inclined at all, and I was raised without religion at home. From very early on, however, I was drawn to religion, and to occult and esoteric matters. From a young age I had a number of dreams, intimations and experiences which fuelled this interest. Although my parents did not have the personal expertise to explain these or to guide me directly, they were thankfully open-minded and accommodating enough to encourage me to do my own research and exploration. My maternal grandmother, who had a passing interest in things like astrology and other forms of divination (and who spent her life bucking against societal norms of female propriety and at least aesthetically styled herself as something of a village ‘witch’) noticed where I was headed and, conferring with my mother, bought me my first deck of tarot cards, a book about reading them, and a coffee table volume surveying ‘The Secret World of the Occult’ as a gift one Christmas in the late 90’s, and the rest was history. I devoured these resources and learned to read for others in not much longer than a week. Things just clicked.

I still use the same deck to read for clients today. Tarot served as a wonderful passport into esoteric and magical traditions for me. During my early teens I read every weekend at an outdoor flea-market in my home town and participated regularly in all day holistic and esoteric fairs and expos. I also saw clients at home. My client-base was generated by word-of-mouth, and when I relocated to a new city, and then a new continent, I did not make much effort to re-advertise my services and mostly read informally for friends and the odd client when they asked me to. That said, since I deeply enjoy reading and know the benefit it has brought to hundreds of people over the years, I have decided to make the website below to make my services more accessible to a broader audience.

So, readers, do let me know what you think, share widely, and of course, book an appointment! Feel free to message me for more information and be sure to check out the About section for pictures of baby me divining in the 90’s as well. Take note too of the ‘Summer Eclipse Launch Special’ – I’m offering 20% off all consultations until the 21st of this month when the Light will briefly be blotted out of this world and President Trump will transform into a giant black snake-demon, so get it while it’s hot!

Yours in mantic good will!



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